Pyongyang 2050

Spatial Futures


What could the urban spaces of Pyongyang look in a future context where reconciliation between North and South Korea is conceived as a scenario of rapprochement rather than the more easily imagined outcome of winner and loser? The potential impacts of political, economic and psychological scenarios, and wild card events on the urban form of Pyongyang by 2050 is the subject of these investigations.


Juche City
  • Klara Romigioli
City, Monuments and Moments
  • Jelena Mandic
Equalizing Spatial Wealth
  • Hyung Gu Kang
Linear City
  • Ching-Wei Liu
  • Xianmei Piao
Urban Roller Coaster
  • Jae Ho Lee
The Pyongyang Projects
  • Jeemin Sohn
Project Date
  • 2015-2016
Publication Date
  • 2018

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