City in a Village 1.0


City in a Village (CiViChon) is a speculative future of an imaginary village on an imaginary site occupied by imaginary buildings in rural South Korea. While this spatial story is a work of fiction, it is not a work of unbridled imagination, but rather one based on the realities of the country’s mountainous topography, social geography, rural and economic history, and the repercussions of modernization on the lived realities of village residents. CiViChon does not adopt models of rural renewal that address rural degradation through physical, economic and technological means. Instead, it projects a more resilient rural future achieved by bringing values, social diversity, cultural production, physical amenities, and urban infrastructure of the city to the village. The premise of this vision requires a transformation of the assumption that the rural and urban exist in an “either/or” relationship, which created the urban-rural divide in South Korea, to a “both/and” paradigm. It is a world view that recognizes that the interpersonal relationships between humans, and between humans and non-humans, are fundamental to the survival of both the rural and urban.

How can we create a village that encompasses both urban and rural values?




Pop-up model

Model Photographer/Videographer Giorgio Molfini
Pop-up Model Giacomo Alef Faiella

World Builders
  • Subi Hahn
  • Song Hwi
  • Jannik Ibsen
  • Eunjin Kim
  • Jungryun Kwon
  • Stephan Sonnenberg
Project Directors
  • Albert Park
  • Kyong Park
  • Annie Pedret
  • 2021

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