Pandemic Seoul 2050


In the world of Enclave, humans are no longer in control. The virus is. The Corona-19 virus has mutated over thirty years to attack the parietal and frontal regions of the brain. Exposure to the virus does not lead to the production of antibodies; rather, each subsequent infection leads to exponential degeneration of the host’s intelligence. Citizens are categorized and physically separated based on mental capacities, creating new social and physical structures of society. Those who are less intellectually impacted by the virus claim their spot at the top of the social hierarchy, while those who have been infected are segregated to lower sectors to carry out the increasingly mundane and dirty work needed for the functioning of society. As scientists desperately try to find a vaccine, physical walls are raised in Seoul, separating the healthy from the sick into distinct sectors: soon, one wall becomes two, two becomes three, three becomes four, and four becomes five. The world of Enclave is born. This fictive possible future reveals the fallacy of the logic of separation and the intertwined nature of our physical, social and mental lives that constitute our world and are essential for any social body to not only function and but survive.


In Enclave the city is divided into 6 sectors divided by massive walls, as a necessary divide to reduce the spread of the virus. Each Sector has its own culture, wealth and responsibilities that must be achieved for the city as a whole to survive.

Movement between the sectors is impossible, with the exception of the central sector 2, in which people from the various sectors can meet and interact under strict guidelines and restrictions during a designated time period each year.

Having to design not 1 society, but essentially 6 different ones and their interlinked interactions, was a massive undertaking, but equally a chance to work with conceptual personasuser journeysvalue propositions and societal considerations that despite being imaginary within the world of Enclave, remain great skills to bring with me forward as a Digital Designer.

Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3
Sector 4
Sector 5
This is all my fault, these people, this world is suffering because of me


I remember it better than most, seeing the despair in loved ones eyes as they were forcefully ripped from each other, the sorrow as freedom was ripped from our cognitive vocabulary, pain and detriment promised to be only temporary, words and promises that felt as hollow as could be. yet opposing these rules would be to oppose the mere fabric of the entity we called life, responsibility for our acts were needed, and we were the ones to pay the price, willingly or not.

It wasn’t always like this; I still recall the day the covid-19 vaccine was introduced 5 years prior, reading the headlines as scientists were crowned the unprecedented saviors of the world. The world, OUR world, if even for just a second, felt united and victorious in eliminating the disease that had governed our life for well over 5 years.

The world returned to normal, or at least, an attempt hereof, because how could we go back, and to what? Life had changed drastically over the past 5 years, as social norms dictating our behavior had to be remade from the ground up, yet we succeed, for the first time in years, life felt different, life felt, alive? However peculiar that may sound. However, by the time the world finally settled and put down its guard, we were all in for a surprise that would change the fabric of life as we knew it.

English Short Film

Korean Short Film


World Builders
  • Subi Hahn
  • Kai Yu Huang
  • Song Hwi
  • Jannik Ibsen
  • Eunjin Kim
  • Jungryun Kwon
  • Ramune Maluke
  • Chee Yuet
  • 2020-2021

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